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Nova Services is now Northwest Center.  We have been in the Spokane Valley since 1983 providing jobs, employment training, and job placement for people with developmental disabilities. Northwest Center, a leader in disability rights and advocacy, has been operating as NOVA since 2006 and has now officially changed its name to align with the organization’s current brand and awareness efforts as well as other mission-based programs under the same name.  As Northwest Center, the agency will expand employment placement and pre-vocational training services for people with developmental disabilities in Spokane and surrounding communities.


Northwest Center provides employment services to adults with disabilities in Spokane County. We aim to place people in jobs that match their skills, and then provide them with the appropriate level of support at each step along their career path. Contact us.

Assessment and Job Placement

assessment and placementNorthwest Center has a team of job developers with a proven, and highly successful, track record. The team has numerous relationships with a broad spectrum of businesses throughout Spokane. These relationships are utilized to full advantage as we help individuals find jobs that match their interests and maximize their abilities. It may first be helpful to assess a person’s interests and skills. Our assessments take place in real work settings, and result in a report which will recommend what types of jobs a person should pursue, or what type of services will be of most benefit next. Contact us. 


Supported Employment

supported employmentNorthwest Center has a team of job coaches who support individuals in their community jobs. Our coaches are trained to work with individuals of all abilities. A person may require occasional, intermittent support, or may need assistance throughout their shift – we tailor the support to meet each person’s needs. Our job is to help each individual we serve be successful in theirs. Contact us.



Skill Building

skill buildingNot everyone is ready to work in a competitive job right away. For these individuals we offer alternatives. We have coaches who will work with you to develop your job skills in business environments. Contact us.






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