Employment | Written By Northwest Center Staff

A Positive Fit: Inclusion Works At Pacific Northwest Theatre Associates


Pacific Northwest Theatre Associates (PNTA) knows the value of inclusion. The theatrical supply store, located in West Seattle, contacted Northwest Center last year with the specific goal of employing people with disabilities in their shipping and receiving department. A manager had learned how productive it can be to employ people of all abilities, so PNTA decided to become inclusive, too. 
That goal has paid off, and then some.  PNTA worked with Northwest Center Employment Services and decided to hire Jessica as a shipping assistant. One year later, Jessica was doing so well in her job, PNTA requested more Northwest Center applicants.
“Jessica has learned her job well and sometimes even corrects her job coach on how to go about tasks,” says Deborah Krier, VP of eCommerce & Marketing at PNTA. “Our experience with Jessica was so positive, when department needs changed again, we immediately reached out to Northwest Center.”
“We hoped to find people that brought the same kind of hard work, determination, and upbeat attitudes to the workplace,” says Darcy, shipping and receiving manager at PNTA. Darcy got her wish with new hire Michelle, whose enthusiasm she says sets the tone for the week.
Darcy acknowledges that making the leap to employing people of all abilities came with “some apprehensiveness.” But now, she says, “With some tweaks and guidance from Northwest Center’s staff, we have learned to be a place that gives clients the tools they need to succeed as valuable members of the PNTA shipping department.”
That’s the simple power of inclusion at work