Accessibility Statement

Northwest Center strives to ensure that its services and platforms are accessible to everyone. We are investing time and resources to help ensure that our website is made easier to use and more accessible for persons with disabilities. It is integral to our mission of disability inclusion that all experiences and interactions, such as a website, should be accessible and benefit all users, and that every person has the right to live with dignity, equity, comfort, and independence based on their needs. Through ongoing design and backend accessibility best practices and applications, we strive to meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1) requirements.


Northwest Center continues its ongoing efforts to improve the accessibility of its site and services. Across all our services, programs, businesses, and platforms, we strive to see through our mission of disability inclusion, creating experiences that are accessible to people of all abilities, so everyone can feel welcomed and respected.

Questions? Contact Us

If you wish to report an accessibility issue on our site, have any questions, or need assistance, please contact us. Email: