Transition Services

Supporting Students with Disabilities to Join the Working World with Confidence

The future is full of possibilities. Let’s find them together. At Northwest Center Employment Services, our employment consultants work with students from age 14-21 who would like to transition into a job when they leave school. With individual support in Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS) and School-to-Work Services, we collaborate with students to set goals for employment and identify a career path.

The successful movement from education to employment is crucial for establishing independence among young adults with disabilities.

National Library of Medicine

Pre-ETS: A Plan for the Future

Pre-ETS services are for students with disabilities who are enrolled in a secondary, post-secondary, or other recognized education program. While Pre-ETS is generally for students 16-21, some services are available beginning at age 14. Services include:

  • Job exploration: Exploring the world of work to learn more about interests, abilities, and goals
  • Self-advocacy: Developing the skills to thrive in work and everyday life
  • Workplace learning: Gaining work experience prior to graduation
  • Workplace readiness training: Real-world work experience and independent living skills
  • Post-Secondary Education Counseling: Guidance on gaining education or technical training after high school

Learn more about Pre-ETS from the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) and Idaho Vocational Rehabilitation.

School-to-Work: Graduating High School with a Job

School-to-Work is designed to help students with any level of disability find a job before they leave high school. The key to successful job placement is the student’s desire to work and a strong support team that can include Northwest Center employment consultants, school staff, parents, and state and county funding sources.

Students may enroll in School-to-Work if they:

  • Are 18-21 years old
  • Have a disability documented prior to age 18
  • Are eligible for Social Security benefits
  • Want a job in the community

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The School-to-Work Process

Step One: Assessment & Orientation

A Northwest Center employment consultant meets with the student and their family to assess interests and abilities, set goals and expectations, and share timelines and responsibilities.

Step Two: Planning

The student’s support team meets to plan employment goals and discuss how everyone involved can help the student reach those goals.

Step Three: Outcome

The student leaves school with a job or a plan for ongoing vocational services and activities. For eligible students, Northwest Center Employment Services can provide ongoing services and support.

Let’s Get Started

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Research suggests that participation in school-to-work programs is positively associated with post-high school success.

National Library of Medicine