Early Supports Services

Educational and Therapy Services for Children from Birth to 3 Years with Support for the Entire Family

Early Supports, sometimes known as “Early Intervention,” is a unique program at the intersection of educational support and medical support for children with disabilities. Northwest Center Kids Early Supports provides culturally responsive, all-ability-affirming care. Our early childhood development specialists include speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, special educators, physical therapists, infant mental health therapists, feeding therapists, teachers of the visually impaired, Deaf and hard of hearing specialists, and nutritionists.

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Specialized Programs and Comprehensive Support 


EPIC (Expanding, Play, Interaction, and Communication)

Social connections are an essential foundation for vital learning experiences. Our EPIC program promotes meaningful social connections for children, families, and providers, especially when children have neurodiversity or have experienced limited social interaction or trauma.

Promoting First Relationships® (PFR)

This evidence-based program that supports infant mental health and attachment development. With PFR, parents and caregivers learn practical, in-depth, effective strategies for promoting secure and healthy relationships with children from birth to 5.


CHERiSH™ (Children Encouraged by Relationships in Secure Homes)

CHERiSH provides infant mental health services for children and families in the child welfare system. The program is created and supported by Kindering. 


The Northwest Center Kids Early Supports Hospital-to-Home program supports families and their babies ages birth to 6 months (adjusting for prematurity) in the critical time when babies transition home from a hospital stay. The program is designed to support positive social-emotional, developmental, and medical outcomes for babies.


Parent Engagement Program

As part of Northwest Center Kids Early Supports, you have the opportunity to engage in events and resources supporting your child and family and building community. 


Virtual Parent/Caregiver Support Groups 

Our Parent Engagement program offers drop-in groups to help create connections between parents and caregivers.

Feeding Team

Our Early Supports staff includes a Feeding Team of experts who can support a full range of feeding challenges for children from birth to 3. 

Sleep Support

The Northwest Center Kids Early Supports team can help you identify and address common sleep challenges for infants and very young children. 

Alternative and Augmentative Communication

We offer alternative and augmentative communication supports for children and families, using devices that make communication easier, more accessible, and more equitable. 


Language Justice and Access 

The Early Supports team is dedicated to supporting equitable access to services for every family and strive to provide services in the family’s primary language. We respect individual cultures, values, and beliefs, and share them with the diverse population we serve. We recognize that diverse experiences are important to acknowledge, especially as they intersect with disability. We follow formal processes and engage in continued education to ensure that all children and families feel seen and heard. We are always learning and listening in order to make every experience as safe, positive, and validating as possible.


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A Team of Specialists

Our Early Supports team is made up of compassionate specialists who work together to provide your child and family with comprehensive services and support. Our multidisciplinary team of pediatric specialists includes family resources coordinators, occupational and physical therapists, speech-language pathologists, dietitians, special educators, and mental health therapists. We also partner with dedicated specialists who support the visually impaired and the Deaf and hard of hearing.

Northwest Center strives to equip and support the Early Supports team so they can best serve your child and family. Team members can access generous continuing education, regular reflective consultation, frequent opportunities to connect with teammates, lower caseloads, self-care practices, lunch-and-learns, skills sharing, and social events.

Evaluation at No Cost to You

If you have a concern about your child’s development, get answers and get started with confidence. Early Supports will provide a full developmental evaluation at no cost to your family. Contact us to schedule yours now.