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The Need is Always There. Help Us Ensure the Services Will Be, Too.

At Northwest Center, our vision is a world where people with and without disabilities have equitable access to education and employment. If you’re here, we know that you share that vision. And like us, you understand how much more there is to be done: Children with disabilities are 22 percent more likely to be excluded from early learning classrooms The jobless rate for adults with disabilities is twice as high as for those without.

We’ve always been committed to providing services where they’re needed most. 
Every day, your support helps us provide:

On-the-job coaching support so a wider range of adults with disabilities can find employment success.

Training for educators so tens of thousands more children each year can be welcomed and included in the classroom and community.

Support so that children can receive critical therapy and educational services regardless of their family’s financial ability

However you choose to support Northwest Center, you make a real difference for disability inclusion from birth through retirement.

Your Support Helps 
Build a More Equitable World for People with Disabilities

Ways to Give

Other Ways To Support Us

  • Donate Clothing

    Donate clothing, shoes, and textiles to The Big Blue Truck. The more you donate, the more good we can do together.

  • Auto Donation

    No longer need your car, truck, motorcycle, or boat? Donate it to Northwest Center. Get started by using our free towing services!

  • Fundraiser

    Have an idea for a fundraiser? Collecting donations at a birthday or special event? Ready to fundraise on Facebook or Instagram? Contact our team and let’s talk!

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How Your Big Blue Truck Donations Benefit Northwest Center Services

The Big Blue Truck hit the road in 1967, and it’s still a key Northwest Center Social Enterprise today. The Big Blue Truck collects clothing, shoes, and other household goods—things you often find in thrift stores. Our vital longtime business partner Value Village buys donations to sell in its stores, and the revenue fuels our mission of disability inclusion.

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