Kids | Written By Northwest Center Staff

A Team For Alex: Early Supports Works Together For Solutions


By Katia, Northwest Center Mom

Northwest Center Early Supports for Infants and Toddlers (ESIT) has helped me understand Alex. Everybody is so on top of things, helping me and helping Alex learn to eat. Before, I would chase after him if he left the table. Now I talk to him to engage him at the table so that he stays and eats more. Early Supports has made changes happen.

orthwest Center is different from other programs I work with because there are several resources in your network like a nutritionist and feeding team, so I don’t have to wait for referrals to different places. We have meetings with his childcare, Early Head Start, Alex’s doctor and his nutritionist, which means that we are all on the same page, so there is connection and support. We are all trying to find a way together for Alex to work on the things that are hard for him right now.

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This story was originally published as part of Northwest Center’s 50th anniversary project: 50 Stories Worth Sharing