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Conner Is Back To Work – Winning Awards, Making Friends, And Bringing Joy Into The Workplace


Conner’s job at the distribution center facilitates his personal and professional growth

In September 2015, Northwest Center Employment Services referred Conner to a position as a Fulfillment Associate in Kent, WA, working in a busy distribution center for one of the world’s largest online retailers, based in Seattle, WA. After successfully completing the interview and screening processes, Conner was thrilled to accept the job.
Among other tasks, his main responsibilities included scanning packages, processing inbound shipments, and acting as a “Water Spider” (a ‘Lean manufacturing’ term referring to a material handler who has complete knowledge of the tools, methods, people, and processes they are supporting).

With the assistance of Northwest Center Job Coaches, Conner excelled at his work and the job brought him newfound confidence and happiness.

However, just two months later, Conner was the victim of a hit-and-run driver and was seriously injured while on the way to his new job. The accident left him unable to work and for many months he faced an uncertain future.

Teamwork at its best
In an inspiring act of comradery, his co-workers and teammates at the distribution center started a GoFundMe project on Conner’s behalf and pitched in on purchasing a “Get Well Soon” gift for him.
Several days later, to Conner’s surprise, his co-workers made an unexpected house-call and delivered a brand new X-Box 360 to him! His teammates also took time to encourage Conner to return to work when he was healed and felt strong enough to do so. 

Back to work
In May of 2016, six months after the accident, Conner proudly returned to his job at the distribution center. He is performing better than ever and was recently awarded the “All-Star Best Vest” for his excellent performance and dedication to providing significant contributions to the workplace. The award is highly coveted and Conner was selected for the honor from among more than 1,100 employees!

Conner’s job at the distribution center facilitates his personal and professional growth while enhancing his ability to be successful and confident.

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