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Employment | Written By Northwest Center Staff

Crystal Brings Joy—and Precision—to Rylie Cakes

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In the back of Makers Mercantile in Kent sits a bakery; a bakery with a spotlessly cleaned kitchen.

“I have worked many places in the industry and no one has been as thorough as Crystal,” said Rumi, head chef at Rylie Cakes.

Crystal has worked at Rylie Cakes for a year.

“Next year will be my second year,” she says proudly.

Crystal found her job at Rylie Cakes through Northwest Center Transition Services with School-to-Work, a King County program where students graduating from their high school transition programs work with Northwest Center to find a place in the workforce.

Crystal states it simply: She comes into work in the morning, clocks in, puts on her apron and starts doing the dishes. When she is done, she dries them and puts them away.

Crystal’s boss Rumi is grateful for the program.

“This kitchen is five years old, but it doesn’t look like it at all. Crystal is a very hard worker and I feel very lucky to have her on my team,” Rumi says.

“Props to you, lady,” she says to Crystal, giving her a fist-bump, which Crystal returns with a smile.
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