Employment | Written By Northwest Center Staff

Employment Services Spokane Spotlight: Darren At Gonzaga’s John J. Hemmingson Center


​When Darren attended Gonzaga’s mock interview event with HireAbility Spokane he never expected to receive a job offer. But that’s exactly what happened.
Darren had planned on sharpening his interviewing skills, but impressed the folks at Sodexo Dining so much that they offered him a position at Gonzaga’s John J. Hemmingson Center. Darren knows his way around a kitchen due to past positions, and took to his new job especially well.
Darren had been a part of Northwest Center prior to this new job. Having secured past positions through our IGNITE program, Darren is the first client to be hired individually. He is held to the same standard as any other Sodexo employee, and Darren enjoys both the individual responsibility and accountability that comes with this role.
“I’m always working hard to stay focused and on task when I’m here. It’s really important that I do a good job because I need to ensure that this is a safe environment where students won’t slip and fall,” says Darren.
This attitude and work ethic doesn’t go unnoticed. Darren’s manager, Mark Van Heel, notes, “Darren has come in, learned the system and meshed with our staff very quickly. His accountability is great and his attitude is always positive.”