Early Learning for Toddlers

Ages 2-3: Toddler Classroom at Northwest Center Kids Early Learning

Creative Curriculum for Infants, Toddlers and Twos

Our Toddler classroom supports children in a safe and caring environment as they begin practicing new social, language, and motor skills. Teachers provide responsive care and focus on building a trusting relationship with each child.

Toddlers are exploring their sense of self and interest in the peers and caregivers who share their days. We support toddlers in experimenting and practicing new social, language, and motor skills in a safe and caring environment. Our Toddler classroom at Northwest Center Kids includes:

  • Toys that encourage cooperative and imaginative play while negotiating social interactions with peers
  • Sensory play and scientific experimentation with fun substances, such as modeling compounds and “slime”
  • Teacher-led discussions and activities that nurture pre-literacy skills
  • Weekly activities where kids work on language development and explore body movement, such as yoga

Inside our Toddler Classroom

Disability-Inclusive Early Learning that Benefits Infants, Toddlers, and Preschoolers of All Abilities

With expertise in disability inclusion and an innovative approach to early childhood education going back to 1965, Northwest Center Kids Early Learning is proud to provide caring and inclusive daycare to children with and without disabilities in Seattle. We believe disability-inclusive childcare benefits children of all abilities and that all early learning educators can successfully include children with disabilities and challenging behaviors. We encourage you to learn about our early learning curriculum and to explore how you can make your preschool, daycare, or childcare inclusive through our IMPACT online courses and consultations.