Kids | Written By Northwest Center Staff

Nurturing Every Child’s Potential At Northwest Center Early Learning


Anthony and his mom Sara
Anthony looks at the world a little differently—and often beautifully.

“When Anthony goes up a hill, he says it’s heavy because it makes his body feel heavy,” says his mom Sara. “What a unique way to describe that feeling.”

Still, Sara and her husband Jason struggled to find a preschool that would nurture Anthony’s potential the same as any other child.

​“The rate of expulsion is really high for childcare,” Sara says. “That was always our biggest fear. Anthony just needs someone who can take the time to sit with him and help him develop.”

Today, that’s exactly what Anthony has at Northwest Center’s inclusive Early Learning center in Greenwood. At Northwest Center, children with and without disabilities learn valuable lessons from each other, and teachers, parents, and therapists work together to create a learning environment that recognizes and encourages individual potential.

“We’re all in this together to figure out how to best support kids and help them to grow,” Sara says.

We know from experience that classrooms and communities are better when everyone is included. As Jason says, “Love your child for who they are. They have so much potential.” 

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