Karen Baker, PT, c/NDT, IMH-E

Physical Therapist

Karen grew up near the mountains in Colorado and earned her master’s degree in Physical Therapy at Andrews University in Michigan in 2002. She moved to the Seattle area in 2007. Karen’s physical therapy work has always been in pediatrics, serving ages 0-18 in Early Supports, outpatient/aquatic settings, and as a clinical consultant for SPIO (Stabilizing Pressure Input Orthosis).

Karen enjoys working with and learning from families. She strives to partner with caregivers to build from a foundation of connection with their child to support the many beautifully intertwined areas of development such as feeding and motor skills. Some of her more extensive trainings include an eight-week neurodevelopmental treatment course, an advanced baby course, Promoting First Relationships certification, the Fragile Infant Feeding Institute, Tube Feeding with Love, SOS Approach to Feeding, and the completion of her Infant Mental Health Endorsement.

Karen enjoys spending time with her husband and daughters, being outdoors, directing a children’s choir, reading, and traveling