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Sterile Surgical Systems and Northwest Center Partner on Inclusive Laundry Services

For immediate release: March 18, 2024

(Tacoma, WA) March 18, 2024 – Northwest Center, one of the nation’s most comprehensive nonprofits serving people with disabilities, and Sterile Surgical Systems, a leading provider of health care laundry and sterile surgical textile services, have partnered to deliver laundry services.

The agreement connects two top-quality laundry companies. Northwest Center Laundry Services (NCLS) delivers excellent service, with a highly trained inclusive team – 80 percent of its staff are workers with a disability. Under the agreement, NCLS laundry will operate in Sterile Surgical Systems’ state-of-the-art laundry facility in Tacoma. The partnership will help Sterile Surgical Systems meet the growing demand for its services from hospitals and surgical centers in the Puget Sound region.

“Northwest Center is proud to partner with Sterile Surgical Systems, a local business that is committed to supporting and growing our community,” said Gene Boes, President and CEO of Northwest Center. “We are excited that our talented and inclusive team will be working with another team that also delivers high-quality services.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Northwest Center, a respected and trusted organization that shares our values of quality, safety, and inclusion,” said Erik Lawler, CEO of Sterile Surgical Systems. “We believe this partnership will not only provide meaningful employment opportunities for people with disabilities, but also enhance our ability to serve our customers with excellence and efficiency.”

The partnership is expected to launch in April 2024, with a goal of including more Northwest Center employees and additional services in the future.

About Northwest Center

Northwest Center (NWC) and its sister entity, Northwest Center Services (NWCS), form one of the most comprehensive organizations in the nation providing disability inclusion programs and services advancing equal opportunities for people of all abilities. Northwest Center offers a range of services, including early intervention, inclusive education, employment, and social services, to serve people with disabilities. Northwest Center’s businesses, such as The Big Blue Truck, Lithtex NW, Day 8 (staffing), and OneNorth Integrated Facility Solutions, help fund its programs and provide employment opportunities for people with disabilities. For more information, visit Northwest Center’s website.

About Sterile Surgical Systems

Sterile Surgical Systems was founded in 1992 as the region’s only Reusable Sterile Surgical Pack Processor registered by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Today, Sterile Surgical Systems provides laundry and FDA-registered sterilized surgical textile service to hospitals and surgical centers across the Puget Sound region. Sterile Surgical Systems follows the highest standards of infection prevention for the safety of patients and staff and is committed to protecting the environment by conserving resources and reducing pollution. For more information, visit the Sterile Surgical Systems website.


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