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The Future Is Here, And It Wants To Chat


Modes of communication consistently evolve, with technology serving as a catalyst. New assistive technology is focusing on ways to facilitate communication for people who are non-verbal or have difficulties expressing themselves verbally. Whether reading brain waves or offering quick expression sharing options, tech ventures are a driving force behind innovative ways to democratize communication.
“Think to Speak”

Smartstones and Emotiv have come together in order to offer the :prose application, a combination of a wireless headset and mobile application. Users can don an Emotiv EEG headset which will translate touch, motion and thought gestures into spoken phrases that are broadcast through the mobile application via a push notification. The technology works by translating physical movements and brain waves into verbal language, including expressing nonverbal emotions. The devices are fully customizable to the individual’s need and skill level, which means it can be used to express either more physical or mental communication forms.

Expanding Vocabulary


Developed with children learning to effectively communicate in mind, SuperSpeak focuses on building vocabulary and advancing sentence structures. The application is meant to be used between a caregiver or teacher and the child, and has the two-fold goal of increasing vocabulary and facilitating the child’s expression of emotions and desires.
Building Community

The Friendi App is a platform for both children on the autism spectrum and their parents or caregivers to connect and form relationships based on shared interests. The supportive space is designed to assist parents in setting up playdates based on the interests and individual needs of their children, connecting parents and caregivers with each other and hosts an integrated community events calendar. 
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