Employment | Written By Northwest Center Staff

You’re Hired! An Employment Readiness Fair At Zulily Turns Into Employment At Zulily


​Northwest Center and zulily teamed up in 2018 to help Employment Services clients find great jobs. Turns out, one client found that job at zulily itself.
Ted was one of several Northwest Center clients who participated in two Job Readiness Fairs at zulily, where he and other clients received professional headshots and resume designs from the zulily team and participated in mock interviews in a real-life setting. 
After meeting zulily’s HR team in a mock interview, Ted applied for a job as Data Entry Specialist. His interviewing skills and resume upgrade worked: Ted got the job.
“Getting this job gives me a sense of purpose and a great deal of confidence,” says Ted. “I feel like I’m contributing to the success of the company and I appreciate that zulily gave me this opportunity to use my degree in computer programming doing something I like to do.”
Mondi Fournier, a Northwest Center Employment Consultant who is Ted’s job coach, worked with him extensively to provide constructive interview feedback and helped Ted update his LinkedIn account with his professional zulily photo.
“I wouldn’t be here at zulily if it wasn’t for Mondi and Northwest Center assisting me every step of the way,” Ted says. “Mondi was especially considerate about making sure we were looking for the job I wanted and kept focus on finding the job postings that matched the goals we set. I’m truly grateful.”
“The job readiness fair at zulily is an excellent way for clients to get a real-world experience of a job interview without the stress of having to impress a potential employer,” says Fournier.  “Another benefit of this fair is the interviewer gives clients valuable feedback about their interview and resume. It helped Ted land the job,” says Fournier.
“We first met Ted at our zulily/Northwest Center Job Readiness Fair and while interviewing him, discovered his aptitude for data entry, technology, and computers,” says Stefani Mottola, zulily Product Studio Supervisor. “We were also impressed to hear about the work he put into creating an app.”
“While we are proud to be a part of a company that celebrates diversity and inclusion, the decision to hire Ted came easily,” says Klint Andreas, another Product Studio Supervisor. “Simply put, Ted is a great fit for the Data Entry Specialist role and a perfect fit for zulily.”
There’s no doubt Ted won’t be the last Northwest Center client to find work thanks to zulily Job Readiness Fairs: Employment Services and zulily are making plans for more events in 2019.
Learn how your company can join Northwest Center as a partner in inclusion. Contact Kiwa Nadas: knadas@nwcenter.org.