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‘All Abilities’: A Short Film About Northwest Center

“What if, rather than seeing a person’s disabilities, we focused on the abilities that every person brings?”

Spend 10 minutes immersed in an inclusive world, and love every minute. “All Abilities,” a short film about Northwest Center created by Seattle Pacific University (SPU) and Untamed Pictures, is part of the SPU film series Faith & Co. featuring businesses that are about more than just “doing business.”

The film captures the benefits of inclusion at Northwest Center, from more efficient workplaces to the joy of befriending people who see the world in a different way. You’ll meet a family whose little boy has been part of NWC Kids since he was born; a man whose long job search led him to success at one of our Social Enterprise businesses; and a woman with Down syndrome who’s the perfect employee at NWC Kids Early Learning.

Please take a few minutes to watch “All Abilities.” We believe it is time well spent.

YouTube video