News | Written By Gene Boes, President & CEO

Letter From The Ceo: our Covid-19 Response


As all of us experience the social and economic impact of COVID-19, we wanted to update you on how this crisis is affecting Northwest Center and the children and adults with disabilities we serve.

Northwest Center has been serving our community for more than 55 years. From the beginning, we’ve been at the forefront of the inclusion movement, where we continue to work to bring thousands of people of all abilities the resources they need to thrive. Our very mission of promoting the growth, development and independence of people with disabilities through programs of therapy, education, and work opportunity was born out of adversity: 

our founders created programs and services where none had existed before. Yet we’ve never experienced a crisis like the one we currently face.Early Learning students receive valuable reading education from their Northwest Center Kids teacher.

Social distancing has made isolation an issue for most of us right now. But for people with disabilities, the impact is severe. When we closed our doors to protect the collective health and safety of our community, babies with disabilities and their families no longer had in-person supports for healthy development. Preschoolers in our learning centers missed out on crucial social interactions and inclusive learning. The vast majority of the adults with disabilities we serve have no workplace to report to—they’ve lost employment stability as well as the person-to-person interaction that is such an important part of their lives.

This is a difficult, overwhelming, unprecedented time. That’s why Northwest Center is working to ensure that now more than ever, every person in our community has the support they need to lead healthy and stable lives.
This is what we’re doing right now to support people of all ages with disabilities:
Kids Services
Just days after social distancing began, our team of more than 50 program staff had remote therapy set up for the families who receive Early Intervention; they continue to support children and families through a Telehealth platform. Every day, NWC Early Learning educators are connecting with families through remote story times and puppet shows, online social learning activities, virtual field trips, language classes, art classes, and movement activities. Therapists and Family Resource Coordinators are making weekly online visits to babies and families, providing critical supports for early development, as well as connecting families in need with essential resources such as food and housing assistance, mental health services, and tools for COVID-19 safety. And because the need for inclusive early learning can’t be put on hold, NWC is providing online trainings for childcare providers in King County so they can continue to support families in their communities.

Employment Services
Our Employment Services teams are finding meaningful ways to connect with their clients through technology. Using video and phone calls, we continue to coach clients in their job training journey: practicing key job skills related to their goals, maintaining routines and habits at home, and supporting communication with their current or potential employers during this time. Employment Consultants and Job Coaches are also connecting with clients on a personal level—because so many people with disabilities are missing crucial work friendships right now, our teams are hosting group chats each week just to keep in touch. By keeping both job skills and human connections intact, we’re supporting clients now and making sure they’ll be well equipped to re-enter the workforce or find employment when the opportunity arises.
As we wade through this time of uncertainty, friends like you make it possible for us to support our community. Despite the crisis we are experiencing, our commitment to continuing to deliver our critical services has not wavered. But your support is needed more than ever. We hope you will consider making an additional gift to Northwest Center this year–if you give now, you will double your impact, thanks to a $50,000 matching grant provided to us by a group of caring supporters.

We thank you for your commitment to Northwest Center and hope you will consider a gift today. Know that your partnership right now is pivotal. You can help us make sure the people we serve have support during this unprecedented time, and help safeguard the longevity of our services for people with disabilities after COVID-19 is a memory.

Should you have any questions about our services or our needs during this time, please do not hesitate to reach out.

With gratitude,


Gene Boes
President & CEO