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Northwest Center Integrated Facility Services has a New Name: OneNorth Integrated Facility Solutions

Northwest Center is pleased to announce that our building and janitorial services social enterprises have a new name: OneNorth Integrated Facility Solutions.


The new name OneNorth Integrated Facility Solutions (OneNorth IFS) embodies a commitment to creating cleaner, better maintained businesses for customers, and captures Northwest Center’s commitment to making business and the world better for people of all abilities.

More Than a Name: A Mission to Believe In
The name OneNorth Integrated Facility Solutions represents all of the existing facility and business services that we offer, and also signifies our commitment to Northwest Center’s mission of inclusion.

  • Essential Expertise: There’s no successful business space without the highest level of facility care and maintenance. The word North is often used to signify an upward trajectory, an example to follow, or the highest level. OneNorth IFS works to provide the highest level of services and care to our customers and employees.
  • Not Just Services—Solutions: Top-quality facility care comes from a skilled and knowledgeable team that centers solutions on the customer. At OneNorth IFS, our understanding of our customers’ surroundings and businesses is just as thorough as our cleaning, so we can provide services that integrate seamlessly with every operation.
  • A Unified Approach: The use of the word One signifies the unity of our facility services into one cohesive identity, while OneNorth indicates that we have one commitment to the highest level of service, care, and inclusion.
  • An Homage to Our Roots: North connects our businesses to parent company Northwest Center and reminds us of NWC’s core commitment to disability inclusion. OneNorth IFS supports positive change toward a world where people of all abilities can engage and contribute.

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