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​Stephan knows a thing or two about dancing in the rain. An avid hip-hop dancer, Stephan enjoys every day as a Donations Station Attendant for The Big Blue Truck™, no matter if there are sunny skies or some of our Pacific Northwest mist.

While Stephan is a happy, vital member of The Big Blue Truck™ team, it took some trial and error to find the job where he could excel. A member of the School-to-Work (S2W) program, Stephan was actively preparing himself for employment opportunities before he graduated from high school. It took some job coaching and training, but when Stephan saw the people in the Big Blue Truck™ he knew he wanted to join in.

Not only has Stephan found a place of employment, he also has found a new community. If they ever encounter another Big Blue Truck™, Stephan makes his mother, Elisabeth, drive up and see who is working. If he knows them, rest assured they get a warm greeting.

Stephan has also made more than just professional gains. He has become more sociable, which his mother thinks is due in part to being exposed to so many new people, including drivers, job coaches and the general public. Elisabeth noticed such strides occurring both inside and out of the classroom, and now both at work and in Stephan’s social life. She greatly accredits this progress to Northwest Center, stating, “It’s amazing what they do and what they can do.”