Business, Employment | Written By Northwest Center Staff

​Yadier And Yusdel


​Yadier and Yusdel’s smiles are both infectious and light up the room—they are happy to be excelling at the job of their dreams. Both Yadier and Yusdel’s story is one of triumph. Upon emigrating from Cuba, the two roommates were looking to gain meaningful employment that would treat them like everyone else — both Yadier and Yusdel are deaf.
Northwest Center didn’t limit the pair by their disabilities but rather saw endless opportunities. Both Yadier and Yudsel’s dream job was to work for the largest tech company in Seattle. Working with partners at the Department of Vocation Rehabilitation, a simulation test was set up and they both excelled.
Today, Yadier and Yusdel are exceeding all expectations and accepting higher responsibilities in their positions. Not only have they broken down barriers and perceptions of what an individual who is deaf can do, they are leading the way for others to be involved in a more inclusive work environment. Both Yadier and Yusdel have been integral in assisting to create better hiring practices and trainings for individuals who are deaf.